Qiong Zhang

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Rational models of memory

How to best encode and represent information and later efficiently retrieve them is a challenging computational problem. I analyze these aspects of human memory system by comparing human behavior to optimal or rational solutions to such computational problems.

Once we understand what gives optimal or rational solutions, we can design methods to further improve memory recalls.

The influence of prior knowledge on learning and memory

How we learn new information is constantly shaped by our prior knowledge. I study how our prior knowledge serves as a scaffold where new memories bind to, and how this scaffold can faciliate more efficient search over memories.

Information processing in the brain

Visual processing, memory retrieval, decision making are hidden cognitive processes that are not directly observable from behavioral responses. I develop machine learning methods that allow us to track when and where these hidden cognitive process occurs in the brain, using a combination of neural imaging techniques (EEG, MEG, ECoG).

Neural markers of task performance

I develop methods to identify brain patterns in participants that are predictive of their later performance in the task, and brain patterns that can be used to further improve task performance in Brain-Computer Interface.