Qiong Zhang

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16:198:598: Learning in Humans and Machines, Spring 2022, Rutgers

This interdisciplinary seminar course explores the parallels between human learning and machine learning. The central link between the two is the set of shared computational problems faced by humans and machines which includes making complex decisions; predicting future events; storing and retrieving information efficiently; and generalizing knowledge to new situations. By examining such problems, we will see that 1) solutions drawn on methods developed from machine learning can help us gain insights about human cognition, and conversely, 2) knowledge about how humans solve these problems can inform the development of more intelligent machines [syllabus] .

Role: Course instructor

01:830:303: Memory, Fall 2021, Rutgers

This is an introductory course on the principles of human memory.

Role: Course instructor

85-426/85-726: Learning in Humans and Machines, Spring 2018, CMU

(Course instructor: Charles Kemp) This course explores how probabilistic methods can help to explain cognition and to develop intelligent machines. The applications discussed include perception, language, memory, categorization, reasoning, decision-making, and motor control [syllabus] .

Role: Guest lecturer, Teaching assistant

Responsibilities: I gave two guest lectures in models of human memory (slides 1, slides 2), one recitation on Jupyter Notebook and Python programming language, created and graded homework assignments, and supervised students on their final project work.

10-701 Introduction to Machine Learning, Spring 2016, CMU

(Course instructor: Tom Mitchell) This course is designed to give PhD students a thorough grounding in the methods, mathematics and algorithms needed to do research and applications in machine learning [syllabus] .

Role: Teaching assistant

Responsibilities: I gave several recitations and exam review sessions, created and graded homework assignments/exams, and supervised students on their final project work.

Other teaching development activities at Eberly Center

Participants in this program learn the principles of effective course design and pedagogy through the seminars, receive feedback on their teaching through teaching feedback consultations, and apply what they have learned in completing a course & syllabus design project and a statement of teaching philosophy project [see my progress letter here] .