Qiong Zhang

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Who I am

Welcome! I am a C. V. Starr Fellow at Princeton Neuroscience Institute working with Ken Norman and Tom Griffiths. I had my doctoral degree from Carnegie Mellon University jointly in the Machine Learning Department and the Center for Neural Basis of Cognition. My doctoral dissertation is with John Anderson and Rob Kass. Before that, I obtained a Master's degree in Machine Learning from Carnegie Mellon University, and a Bachelor's degree in Computational Biology with 1st Honors from National University of Singapore.

What I do

My research is centered around mechanisms of human memory retrieval. How does our memory system use limited cognitive resources to efficiently retrieve past experiences and knowledge? When there is more than one memory needed, what would be an ideal order to generate them? I am interested in developing a rational account of how humans optimally deploy cognitive control during memory search, and compare that with observed neural and behavioral data. A long term goal is to develop an AI system that would aid users during memory recall. Details of my ongoing and past projects can be found here.